Monday, June 27, 2011

The Yadda Yadda Buffet: Grr...

I just can't begin to tell you how really pissed off I've been at the misdirected anger and subsequent political policy from some Americans - leaders of state governments, no less - toward public sector union employees.  I especially hold Tea Party members in disdain for their attitudes toward the very people who are the core of this nation - middle class police, firemen, teachers, and the folks who help out the poor, elderly, and disabled.  (Don't tread on me, indeed!)

I am appalled that those responsible for the very mess - and a worldwide mess to be sure - that led to infringement of some of my colleagues' collective bargaining rights have not faced prosecution. 

How long did it take before someone from Enron paid the price for what they did to the working man in America?  Why did my taxes - and yes, I pay all of the taxes I am required by law to pay - go to fix problems caused by people who have suffered no consequences for their actions?  Why are we so slow to punish the real perpetrators of  the economic downturn?  

Let's shine a spotlight on the real bogeyman and mete out punishment where it belongs: Big Business that has been for too long under-regulated and running unchecked through this great nation.  Tea Party members should take a long look at these 'leviathans' rather than gloating about gains made by crushing collective bargaining rights of those who are backbone of our nation, because everyone suffers when Big Business is allowed to rampage through the economy unchecked.

Thomas Hobbes, Enlightenment philosopher, notes that humans are essentially self-interested and incapable of doing the right thing without a strong government acting as enforcer.  I completely agree with his theory.  Now if we could only find the firm but fair leadership Hobbes says is necessary for all to live to the best of their potential.  One that doesn't tread on the rights of some of its citizens to the explicit exclusion of others.


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