Saturday, May 12, 2012

Card-a-Copia: Post-Dog Crafting

As some of you know, I recently adopted a rescue dog and BOY, has my life changed!  Here's a photo of Bianca after her first grooming.  She was so matted on the back end, the groomer had to shave her down.  She's good on her leash and has almost learned "Stay."  (Not doing too great with not barking at/chasing the cats, but that will come when I better know how to train her!)  She currently has a dislocated hip that may require surgery.  I'm waiting to hear back from the vet to know about that.

Because she's a rescue dog, I don't know anything for sure about her, but here's what I THINK:

1.  She is about two years old.
2.  She's a poodle mix.
3.  When she's actually got hair, she's white.  (Hence the name:  Bianca means white in Italian.

Here's the "bounty" of the past three weeks, which is especially feeble given the new addition.  Apologies for the photos, I have TRIED and TRIED to take a good picture with this fancy, expensive new phone I bought, and it just isn't working very well.  (But, thank you, Sparkle Smith, for helping me learn a few new things about the process today!)

Stamp: This Little Piggy Had Chardonnay (Suzanne Urban - Squigglefly)
Ink:  Copics
Cardstock: unknown pre-designed cards
Misc.: green hemp (unknown), yellow rhinestones (Michael's)