Sunday, June 6, 2010

Card-a-Copia: We (Should) Be Mowin'!

Well, it's a good thing I got my beautiful electric mower out yesterday and mowed most of the front and back yards, because it is raining AGAIN today. You don't have to convince me about global warming - this is not a "normal" Spring here in the Pacific Northwest!

The mower is very quiet and tried valiantly to mow the tall, weed-infested yard. I had to stop mowing when the grass was just too tall and weed wack it down. Sigh. By the time it's dry again, the grass will probably be up too my knees again and I'll have to start the whole grueling process from scratch!

I also weeded the dry creek bed, which had become overrun with some pretty nasty stuff. I will follow the weeding up with a - hopefully - one time application of Round-Up to keep things from growing in the rocks. I think I'm finally at the point in my life where I'd be willing to pay someone to do this kind of work for me, because I'm too tired to do it myself. Until I find someone I think will meet my standards, however, I will continue to do the damned lawn work myself.

Here's a card from some time ago where I used the sewing machine for the first time. I'm not too coordinated, so it's got a real home-made look about it! I knotted ribbon to make the centers of the flowers.

Stamps: Splatter (Stampin' Up!); sentiment (Stampin' Up!)
Papers: patterns (unknown); Not Quite Navy (Stampin' Up!); Summer Sun (Stampin' Up!)
Inks: Not Quite Navy (Stampin' Up!)
Misc.: punch (Stampin' Up!); flowers (unknown)


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