Monday, May 30, 2011

The Yadda Yadda Buffet: When you're down and troubled...

This is a reminder for all of us that we need to accept and learn from things that don't go the way we expect and then move on.

Saw a great movie - Bridesmaids - this weekend that fits this poster so perfectly.  I highly recommend it to gal pals out there, especially those who need a girls day out.  The main characters have been friends since elementary school and know each other better than they may know themselves.   One gets engaged and the other feels lost.  The movie is about reconciliation, both with each other and with the single friends feelings of loss, inadequacy, and pain.  Oh, yeah, did I mention that this is a comedy? 

I'm not a laugh-out-loud kind of movie goer, but this one had me chortling multiple times.   Grab your best girl and see this for a sweet bonding experience.  And "Hold On" for one more day!


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