Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Yadda-Yadda Buffet: A Surprise in the Night

Just before Christmas at about 3:30 AM, the dogs leaped off the bed and began scratching and barking at the front door.  There would be no going back to sleep with all that hullabaloo going on, so I went to the door to see why they were going ballistic.  I looked out the window, saw nothing, told the dogs to go back to bed, and headed that way myself.  The dogs didn't follow me.  More barked and scratching ensued, so I got back up, turned on the light and opened the door to see what the issue was.

Here was the issue:

I brought "Little Man" in, got him some food and water, and put him in bed with us.  We all floundered around for an hour and then it was time to get up for work anyway.

I shut him in the bathroom and tried to stay focused during the day.  I left work as early as I could and came home to find that Little Man had thrashed the bathroom. 


I took him to the vets to make sure he didn't have any diseases - he didn't - and we headed back home.  The other dogs were not pleased that he came back and attempted to terrorize him most of the evening.  (He thought it was all good fun.)  When it was time to go to bed, I tucked him in bed with us.  Probably not my finest idea since he peed in the bed within the hour. 

Puppies.  PUPPIES!  OY!

In a heartwrenching decision, I determined that I couldn't handle another animal and peddled him at the staff meeting that afternoon.  After get turned down flat by my Department members, I approached the English department.  The first one I spoke with surprised the hell out of me when she said "Yes!"  I brought him with me the next day for a home visit and he stayed and got a new name - Pippin.



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