Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Fam'

Updated photos of the dogs for the anniversary of their arrival at my house.  I have had them for a year now.  These pictures were taken by a local photographer who has the patience of a saint!

Bianca has been with me the longest.  She's now 3 1/2 years old.  She doesn't like to share me and gets really cranky when anything/anyone bumps into her.  Her nicknames are B, Miss B, Bee-zee, Beezus, and Pretty Girl.

This is my little 'Muffin.  Her real name is Ragamuffin.  I also call her Miss Muffin, Everybody loves Muffin!  All the dogs get along with her and there isn't a person who has met her who hasn't fallen in love.  (This is the dog who, when I visited the shelter and asked to hold her, nuzzled her head into the place where my neck and shoulder meet.  Who WOULDN'T take her home?)  Muffin is the baby of the pack at 2 1/2 years old.

This handsome lad is Teddy.  He had been returned to the shelter and looked like an absolute mess when I met him.  He also had the longest legs of any small breed dog I'd ever met!  Teddy wasn't really interested in having his photo taken.  In fact, every photo shows him in mid-stride, trying to walk away from the photo area!  Teddy's nicknames are My Prince, Tedster, Ted, Teddy B., and Theodore

Finally, my little man, Chance.  I worked really hard to get him here from California.  He had been part of a hoarder's collection and the shelter was reluctant to adopt him to someone from out of state.  His nicknames are Chancey, Skittle, Football, Happy Ass, and Cute Boy.  I know parents aren't supposed to have favorites, but...

Since the last time I posted photos of the cats, I had to have both Mignon and Saddles put to sleep.  Miss my girls.  The boys, Cocoa and Yael, remain sequestered in the family room with opportunities to sneak out and wander about the house at night.  I wish everyone could get along, but it seems like a long shot at best.


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