Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Photo Update

Cocoa's portrait
(2 years old)
Saddles checking out the camera
(17 years old)

(9 years old)
Yael curled up
(2 years old)

It's been awhile since I got some shots of the "kids" posted, so I found time this week to try to get some good candids taken.  

To the best of my knowledge, the boys - Yael and Cocoa - are no longer hanging from the curtains for entertainment.  They still like to play kitty soccer with balled up paper and do kitty roller derby at 3:30 AM several days of the week.  Other favorite toys include twist ties, balls of twine and ribbon I've laboriously rolled and stahed in an "unreachable" location, and the sponges I use in my card making.  Cocoa remains nervous with unexpected movement and doesn't like to be petted around the head by someone using both hands.  Yael head butts everybody, which encourages the people around him to pet him but annoys the other cats because it is actually a way of marking territory!

Mignon remains reclusive.  The boys pick on her, which makes her more nervous.  She does occasionally venture out of the bedroom, but rarely goes beyond the guest room or the kitchen.  She was particularly terrorized by all the fireworks that went off last night, alternately diving under the bed or burrowing deep under the blankets on the bed for "safety."

Saddles is the same cranky girl she's been since I got her so many years ago.  She has developed a new weird habit of licking my arm whenever she gets a chance.  Very annoying!  She also likes to lay on the bed next to me and put a leg over my arm.  Very sweet!  She spends a lot of time sleeping and goes outside to take on the world several times a week.  


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